About us



Garron Publishing was formed in 2010 by Gary MacRae as a means of self-publishing his own books. Since then he has assisted many authors with their own self-publishing projects. In 2012 he took on a more traditional publishing role. The first book to be published was a non-fiction title called ‘Health Overhaul’ by Peter J Allen, and in 2013 Gary began producing a series of poetry chapbooks for South Australian poets. The chapbooks have become very popular and demand is growing.

In 2018, Garron publishing decided to separate their traditional publishing and self-publishing interests into two distinct brands. Garron Publishing now focuses solely on poetry chapbooks and Solo Publishing focuses on assisting authors with their self-publishing projects.

If you would like to learn more about our self-publishing options, please visit our Garron Solo Publishing website or contact us via email.


Sharon Kernot is an assistant at Garron Publishing. She is a writer of fiction and poetry, and has extensive experience in editing, publishing and design. You can learn more about Sharon’s writing projects and writing services here.

If you would like to purchase or review our chapbooks, please email sharon@garronpublishing.com.

Unfortunately, Garron do not, at this time, accept unsolicited manuscripts.

Thank you for your interest.