Cordite Review

‘Poems and chapbooks sometimes feel like relics of a past time. But these three books show just how alive, diverse, and thriving contemporary Australian poetry is, even in South Australia alone. Reading from these simple, affordable chapbooks reminded me that poetry can be for the masses and still be thought-provoking and boundary-pushing, especially when the books are written by poets who know what they are doing and where they want to take their readers.’

We were delighted to read Alex Kostas’ excellent review of Peter Goldsworthy’s ‘Anatomy of a Metaphor’, Jill Jones’ ‘The Quality of Light’, and Heather Taylor-Johnson’s ‘Thump’. Thank you Alex and Cordite Poetry Review.

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Review of Cartoon Snow

Wonderful review of Aidan Coleman’s Cartoon Snow by Alexis Lateef in Cordite Poetry Review. “Coleman has not lost his touch for singular metaphors. As he deconstructs the role of such metaphors in this exceptional chapbook, these poems invite us to question our perceptions of reality, heightening our understanding of what we often need the world to be, even if only as ‘tricks on paper’.”

Aidan's Cover


Writers’ Week Poetry Reading


As always, we’re looking forward to the poetry reading at Writers’ Week.

Each year Adelaide Writers’ Week hosts a poetry reading with Peter Goldsworthy. The event is intended to pay homage to the event’s long association with poets and to celebrate contemporary poetry.

This year’s poets include Manal Younus and Nelson Hedditch, and our chapbook poets Alison Flett, Rachael Mead and Rob Walker.

The readings will be followed by a book signing.…/writers…/poetryreading